Hello, my name is John and I made a text racer program in JavaScript. I have commented on it pretty heavily and have put all the necessary code in the page, so you can just view the source if you wanna see what's going on behind the scenes. You may also download the page if you want to practice typing offline for some reason. Perhaps you are going on a car trip? I was inspired to write this program by my friend David, who is more or less addicted to type speed-improving games like this one. I hope you enjoy it! Type fast...

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This game, which I call TextRacer (a play of a similar typing game called TypeRacer), tests your ability to type quickly. To play, type exactly what is in the box of text. Every word is counted individually when you hit the space bar - if you make a mistake in a word, then it doesn't count! You will find out how fast you type when you're done with a thirty-second game. If you want to play again, just start typing again!